In the second part of the training sessions, Marthe Tolnes Fjellestad presented a case study to do with organising a travelling exhibition accompanied by a publication produced under the aegis of the University of Bergen’s photographic collection. The Across the West and Toward the North: Norwegian and American Landscape Photography project also constitutes an inter-institutional collaboration with photography specialists and collectors from the United States of America. Marthe Tolnes Fjellestad presented all the phases of preparing the materials included in the exhibition, from research and the process of selecting the images to cleaning, restoring and framing the original photographs. The presentation was also instructive from the standpoint of detailing the method whereby institutions on different continents collaborate with each other, something that has the potential to expose the international public to local phenomena not very well known outside their own cultures. Also discussed were multiple aspects of nineteenth-century landscape photography, highlighting both general features connected to the technical process and details specific to the geographical spaces where they were produced. The final stage of the training session was rescheduled for 2021 in the hope that the COVID-19 situation will allow a face-to-face meeting in Bucharest.

The training sessions were attended by the project team comprised of Alexandra Croitoru, Magda Radu, Ștefan Sava, Adriana Dumitran, Calina Bârzu, and students from the Faculty of Art History and Theory (Oana Micu) and the Photo-Video Department from the National University of Arts in Bucharest (Monica Georgescu, Crăița Niga), as well as the Centre of Excellence in the Study of the Image from the University of Bucharest (Rareș Toma).