Title: STEREO_00169-en Reference code: STEREO_00169Title: Sleeping Hermaphrodite - Uffizi Gallery FlorencePhotographer: unknownDate: c. 1930-1940Physical description: Dimensions: 12,9 x 5,9 cmNotes: In green ink, on the upper right side: ”Hermafrodit dormind (Uficii, Florența)”.Conservation status: Technique: stereograph, black and white glass positiveLocation: Florence, ItalyComments: Digitization: Serioja BocsokKeywords: amateur photography, interior, gallery, art, Uffizi, sculpture, antiquity, Hellenistic Period, Roman Period, frieze, statue, man, womanRelated images: Legal rights: Collection of Mihai and Anca Oroveanu