Title: SOC_00281-en Date: c. 1950-1960Description: Couple and group of men in front of a consumer cooperative in BucharestComments: Two different copies of the film, one in the category Peasants, other in the category Socialism-CollectivizationPhotographer: unknownSource: Mihai & Anca OroveanuDigitization: scanned by Serioja BocsokTechnique / Format: black and white film, 6 x 6 cmKeywords: peasants, socialism, collectivization, the 50s, street, shop, consumer cooperative, group, men, Bucharest, woman, couple, officer, outdoor, building, urban costume, military costume, advertisingInscriptions: in photograph ”Cooperativa de consum 16 februarie 1933, magazinul nr. 15, Raionul Grivița Roșie, Coloniale”, on envelope inventory number 41708Legal rights: Collection of Mihai and Anca OroveanuRelated images: RURAL-00075