Title: BUC_SERVPB_00050-en Reference code: BUC_SERVPB_00050Title: Firefighters extinguishing a fire at the M. Bobescu Summer GardenPhotographer: unknownDate: c. 1930-1940Physical description: Dimensions: 6,3 x 8,9 cmNotes: 4.Conservation status: Technique: black and white film negativeLocation: BucharestComments: Digitization: Serioja Bocsok, Larisa SitarKeywords: exterior, urban, houses, fence, signs, fire, firemen, tank, hoses, ladder, cars, furniture, cabinets, chairs, stroller, metal pots, gendarme, men, woman, urban costume, uniformsRelated images: Legal rights: Collection of Mihai and Anca Oroveanu