Title: BUC_INST_PUB_00022-en Reference code: BUC_INST_PUB_00022Title: ”Monitorul Oficial” Palace seen from the Cișmigiu ParkPhotographer: unknownCreation date: c. 1930-1940Physical description: Dimensions: 17,8 x 12,9 cmNotes: Conservation status: Technique: black and white glass negativeLocation: BucharestComments: Originally built for the Imprimeriile Statului [State Printing Houses], in 1927, architect Statie Gheorghe Ciortan, from 1930, became the headquarters of the Monitorul Oficial [The Official Journal]. It is currently the headquarters of the National Archives.Digitization: Serioja Bocsok, Larisa SitarKeywords: exterior, urban, architecture, Neo-Romanian style, boulevard, parkRelated images: Legal rights: Collection of Mihai and Anca Oroveanu