Title: BUC_HOTEL_00088-en Reference code: BUC_HOTEL_00088Title: Bukarest. Hotel zum Deutschen KronprinzPhotographer: unknownDate: c. 1910-1916Physical description: illustrated postcardDimensions: 9 x 13,9 cmNotes: On the back: Monopol-Kunstdruck-Verlag. Berlin C 19. Nr. 30.Conservation status: Technique: Location: BucharestComments: Hotel de France was built in 1881 on Calea Victoriei and over time has had several names: Grand Hotel, Hotel de France, Hotel Lafayette, Hotel Francez. The building was damaged by earthquakes in 1940 and 1977 and was demolished in 1979. The postcard was published during the German occupation of Romania in the First World War.Digitization: Serioja Bocsok, Larisa SitarKeywords: exterior, urban, architecture, hotel, Calea Victoriei, “Vârful cu dor” Brewery, German occupation, passersbyRelated images: Legal rights: Collection of Mihai and Anca Oroveanu