Title: BUC_CV_00180-en Reference code: BUC_CV_00180Title: Sigmund Prager shopPhotographer: unknownDate: c. 1930-1940Physical description: Dimensions: 11,7 x 17,3 cmNotes: Conservation status: Technique: black and white silver gelatine printLocation: BucharestComments: The famous fur shop located on Calea Victoriei no. 1 was built in 1888, architect George Mândrea. Sigmund Prager was the grandfather of photographer Wilhelm (Willy) Alexander Pragher.Digitization: Serioja Bocsok, Larisa SitarKeywords: exterior, architecture, shop, fur articles, sign, shop windows, boulevard, passersby, men, women, urban costumeRelated images: Legal rights: Collection of Mihai and Anca Oroveanu