Title: BUC_00072-en Reference code: BUC_00072Title: Photograph of a diorama with a rural or early urban sceneryPhotographer: unknownCreation date: c. 1920-1960Physical description: an envelope containing: 1 film negative, 1 contact print, 1 contact print stapled on the envelope, 1 white envelopeDimensions: film negative 5,5 x 9 cmNotes: on film and on the white envelope inventory number 179902, in the photograph „pescărie și păsări”Conservation status: Technique: black and white film negative, black and white silver gelatine printLocation: BucharestComments: Digitization: Serioja Bocsok10 Keywords: Bucharest, diorama, constructions, scenery, buildings, marketplace, cartRelated images: Legal rights: Collection of Mihai and Anca Oroveanu