Title: BUC_00026-en Reference code: BUC_00026Title: Aerial view of the “Piața Romană” (Romană Square) area towards the Magheru Boulevard in BucharestPhotographer: unknownCreation date: c. 1960-1970Physical description: an envelope containing: 1 film negative, 1 contact copy stapled on the envelope, 2 paper envelopes with different dimensionsDimensions: film negative 6 x 8,5 cmNotes: on film inventory number "326506", "11", "12", "AGFA L 155", on the envelope with stapled print „BUC”, on the larger envelope „București”, „Vederi aeriene centru I”, on the smaller one inventory number "326506"Conservation status: Technique: black and white film negative, black and white silver gelatine printLocation: BucharestComments: Digitization: Serioja BocsokKeywords: Bucharest, urban, urbanism, exterior, city, aerial view, Piața Romană, boulevard, Bulevardul Magheru, buildings, urban tissueRelated images: Legal rights: Collection of Mihai and Anca Oroveanu