Title: BUC_00012-en Reference code: BUC_00012Title: View from the grotto in the Carol I park in Bucharest towards the entrancePhotographer: unknownCreation date: c. 1920-1940Physical description: an envelope containing: 1 glass negative, 1 contact copy, 1 contact print stapled on the envelope, 1 white paper envelopeDimensions: glass negative 18 x 13 cmNotes: on the glass plate inventory number 6734, on envelope inventory number ”BUC 409A”, ”Parcul Carol”, „6734”, on the white envelope „București Parcul Carol”, „6734”Conservation status: Glass negative broken in 3 pieces.Technique: black and white glass negative, black and white silver gelatine printLocation: BucharestComments: The grotto was called „The Grotto with Giants” or „The Enchanted Grotto” and was destroyed during the communist period.Digitization: Serioja BocsokKeywords: Bucharest, exterior, grotto, artificial cave, urban landscape, park, landscape architecture, pond, Carol ParkRelated images: Legal rights: Collection of Mihai and Anca Oroveanu